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Our traditional 660mm Georgian baluster was taken from a London builder’s pattern book dated 1780. The shape is elegant and correct with a fine gradual transition from bulb to stem. The design is authentic and well proportioned while complying with local government regulations. Many combinations of base and cap with the standard baluster make the system very flexible.
The Georgian System balusters are 660 and 724 high.This traditional design uses cyma recta mouldings and has been our most popular choice as a standard. The full system can be built up from its overall height to 1 metre or higher depending on client requirements
Our standard 660x180X180 baluster is an early Georgian design which is offered with two styles of base and cap. Our new thin-wall manufacturing process makes possible a very competitive price for fine balustrading; Paint Finish balusters are available from a low $69 each subject to minimum quantity requirements.

Our design and production teams have been active in the creation of full section balustrading for over 35 years. Now we are offering our balustrading products in a radical new lightweight form which makes installation easy and inexpensive. The hollow baluster forms can be easily made into sound structural elements by using reinforcing rods and asimple concrete fill technique. Balustrading has never been more affordable or safer or better looking.
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