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Pergolas using columns, from left Carrara 240 in Greek Doric form, standard Tuscan Carrara 240, Square 260,Square Modern 260 and Tuscan Castle 300 used with Georgian balustrading
Verandahs using columns from left Tuscan Verona 210 used without abacus, Tuscan Temple 260, Castle 300 in Greek Doric style, Tuscan Carrara 240, Temple 260. The normal height for a verandah is from 2100 for colonial styles through to 2400 for neo Georgian styles. Spacing of the columns is very important if spacing is too wide then the proportions may become weak and innefective. the best proportions are acieved when the space is roughly square. 1.5 times the height for the centre to centre dimension is normally too wide.
The portico provides shelter at the front entrance and it provides a measure of scale so that the building facade achieves balance and sets the scale for the other architectural elements on the facade. It is important that the size of the portico is considered carefully, the diameter and height of the columns can make the entire facade more effective.If the columns are set too widely apart then a less elegant effect is achieved. The best proportion for a portico is the golden section (1:1.618), a formula that dates back to ancient Greece.We recommend that clients use this as a starting point as well as the width required for the easy movement of two people side by side. Our Grand Tuscan portico is designed for easy installation and best detailing.
Round Columns

VERONA TUSCAN 210 Diameter
max height 2355mm, wt. approx 60 Kg Price: Paint Finish Only A$299 each

max height 2855 wt. approx 70 kg
Price: Paint Finish Only A$349 each

CASTLE  TUSCAN 300 Diameter
max height 3030 wt. approx 100 kg
Price: Paint Finish from  A$449 each

maximum height 5 metres plus.
Price by quotation.

Square Columns

Traditional 238 / Modern 238 -  Square column the shaft being 238mm square
max height 2800mm, wt. approx 90 Kg Price: Paint Finish Only A$399 each

Traditional 300 -  Square column the shaft being 300mm square no taper
max height 3030mm, wt. approx 100 Kg Price: Paint Finish Only A$520 each

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