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Top row images From left to right: a mid-Georgian design facade with portico, head cornice and string cornice as well as overscale quoins and fine window surrounds. Then a classical Palladian building with Corinthian Portico and a Tuscan pediment. Finally we see the recreation of an 18th Century Cotswold mansion with quoins, special doorway moulding and sills headers with a special keystone motif. Moulded facade elements are essential to the detailing of a well proportioned traditional building. They include Stone Finish cladding, cornice, stringcourse, architrave, quoins, sills, headers, keystones and more. Contemporary or modern elements to provide visual interest are also available in standard designs or as custom elements. See the PDF library sheets on this page. We are happy to prepare a proposal off your plans.

From left to right we see the detailing on a range of outer city houses all using similar elements, columns, quoins, sills, porticos, window surrounds and eaves mouldings. This delivers style and detail on a fixed budget and creates a timeless look above fashion which will retain its value through the years.
Left to right: sills and header in Light Sand Stone Finish , Grand Tuscan cornice in a special version of Coralstone, quoins in Creamstone,P500 architrave in Light Sand, 135 degree quoins in Light Sand.
Left to right: quoins, window surround and sills in Paint Finish, sills, eaves brackets, champfered cladding in Coral Stone Finish, cornice and string course and oversize quoins.
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