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Wall capping, pier caps, gates, and Grand Tuscan gate piers. Traditional or modern, large in scale or small, we have standard designs and the ability to create new custom elements for entry elements. Special signage in Stone or Paint Finish can be easily arranged We offer profiled pier caps in all the standard brick sizes. The most popular are 1.5 and 2 and 2.5 bricks sizes with and withour render cover. Our Paint Finish pier caps are the best value and best made capping elements available today. All popular sizes are normally kept in stock. And remember that our Stone Finish option is always available on a make to order basis and .
From left to right; plain two brick caps with pitch, cyma recta profiled caps with pitch, plain with pitch and 2 brick cyma recta profile.
From left to right: our Birchgrove Gate pier, our small Queen anne gate Pier, our small queen anne piers used with four sections to provide additional security, our large queen anne gate pier and special pier elements provided for a seaside mansion. There were designed and supplied by our creative and production teams.
We can make a set of grand entry gates similar to the past projects illustrated above. The besic element is the Large Queen Anne Gate Pier assembly, a new offer is the Modern Gate Piers with simpler details. See the PDF reference on the right side of this page.
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